What if I am just making the whole thing up from out of my wounds, attraction for my twin flame which could just be that…attraction and nothing more.


We don’t usually take Q&A questions from our twin flame forum, but Gwen started this thread titled. What if I’m just making it all up? Which raised some interesting points.

First up: doubt is completely normal.

The journey is not normal. It doesn’t fit how most of us understand the universe or relationships. During especially turbulent moments (which can absolutely happen), I’m sure all of us have questioned ourselves.

But some of the advice here was great. I thought it might help someone dealing with doubt. I’ve taken snippets from a few responses with some advice I think we could all use.

Trust Your Intuition

Sometimes I feel the same way! I think doubt is a big part of the journey, though. Your intuition (IMHO) is the final authority.


You’ve probably heard us say this before. A twin flame’s intuition is especially capable.

We can get into a grey area here where people start to worry that because they’re experiencing doubt, that automatically means their intuition is warning them away. Still, sometimes your intuition is simply trying to guide you toward furthering your journey.

Listening to our intuition clearly can take a bit of work. Most of us are more out of sync with our inner guidance than ever (one of the drawbacks to modern technology), but we can use a mindful practice like journaling or Tarot readings to help us hear that little voice trying to guide us.

There’s definitely been moments where I’ve felt uncertain, full of doubt, and like I’ve made a fool of myself, but a true twin is the other half of ourselves, and understands you. When I’ve felt angry or upset at my twin, its helped to try and put myself in his shoes, and how I’d want me to react.


It’s Okay to Doubt

You have no idea how many times I have felt the same and said the same words “I am such a fool”. But I know those words come from my ego. That part of me who thinks life is education, marriage, two kids, house, wagon and golden retriever. We all have doubts but you know what’s the truth. You can feel it. Those cycles are tiring but every cycle teaches us something. Every cycle is different. It’s hard sometimes and I admit I have asked why me. I asked love from the universe, it gave me my TF. But it’s ok to be tired too. ❤️


If you’re not sure? That’s okay.

Take a breath. Take a break. Take some time for you. This brings me to the last point.

Do It Anyway

twin flame doubt
I love a positive message sometimes

There is a reason we often say “trust the process”. You are 100% not alone in this.

The cool part is, as long as you are taking control of your healing and furthering yourself it becomes a win-win. If they are not your twin flame you become a better person. If they are, you reach union.


You don’t often hear this, but this might actually be some fantastic advice for some. Whenever we give advice on speeding up the twin flame journey, it’s very, very rarely about what your twin flame does.

If you’re in separation, it’s because you have work to do. Something to heal. Something to improve. Something to focus on.

Ultimately if you honestly follow this advice, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t met your twin flame. It wouldn’t matter if you don’t have a twin flame or even if twin flames didn’t exist.

If you focus on furthering your own journey, then there really is no down side for you.

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