A look ahead for the twin flame collective ❤️💙💜

In the extended reading today we’re looking at how you can manage these coming changes. You can unlock the extended readings (and our blueprint to union) here.

Energy Overview: We start by examining what energy the collective twin flame is dealing with. With anticipation building, we find the five of wands on the bottom of the deck, followed by the Knight of Cups, giving us an intriguing start to this reading.

Positive Start

The energy is positively received as a breath of fresh air. This is a collective that has been focused on deepening the connection, whether through spiritual work or 3D life interaction.

Twin Flame Relationship Dynamics

The reading taps into a tightly knit connection, which may represent:

  • A relationship following a breakup or time apart.
  • A relationship that’s just starting or has started recently.
  • A highly evolved spiritual connection that reaches the 3D level of contact.

The core takeaway is that this connection is characterized by instant connection and smooth sailing. It’s about two individuals who have worked a lot on themselves and their bond, resulting in a relationship that takes off quickly.

Clear Feelings and Intentions

There’s an emphasis on clear feelings of longing, craving, and physical desire on both parts. If there has been a runner in this relationship, they’re now ready to embrace the path consciously. The reading highlights a time where both partners are ready to work as a team and discuss things openly. There’s a very passionate Divine masculine energy, with perhaps a little hesitation on the Divine feminine side.

Progress Towards Commitment

There’s clear progress towards a committed relationship. This could be seen in the form of commitments, moving in together, or even marriage. It’s a speedy progress, and this collective is very much on track with the journey.

Advice Card: Share the Love

The advice for this collective is to focus on sending out unconditional love. Another important aspect is the Detached card, indicating the importance of surrendering to the journey, releasing the past, and looking forward into the future.

Key Message: Focus on keeping the heart chakra open so that unconditional love can flow freely. This will lead to more progress, more passion, and more goodness. Share the progress with the collective, as this true connection and exchange of energy can serve as motivation and encouragement for others on the same path.

A Reminder of the Collective

Finally, there’s a gentle reminder that everyone is part of a collective. This collective is there for support, guidance, and to partake in joy, satisfaction, and bliss. It’s a spiritual family, and sharing in times of rejoicing as well as need strengthens this family bond.

In the extended reading today we’re looking at how you can manage these coming changes. You can unlock the extended readings (and our blueprint to union) here.

Blessed be!

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