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In the extended reading today, we’re looking at how your dynamic can heal and release these shadows. You can unlock the extended readings (as well as our blueprint to reaching union, access to the community and more right here.

In our tarot reading today, we delve into the intricate dance between the Divine Feminine Rose Quartz and Divine Masculine Flow. At the heart of this reading is a fascinating interplay of energies, embodied by the Fool and the 10 of Cups, with the High Priestess and the Nine of Wands offering deeper insights.

Firstly, it seems both the Divine Feminine and Masculine are grappling with a sense of restraint on their journey. The Divine Feminine, in particular, is processing deeper wounds. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion, revealing and understanding the pain of the masculine counterpart. This empathetic connection is both a blessing and a burden, as it means feeling their pain as my own.

On the other hand, the Divine Masculine stands at a crossroads, debating whether to surrender to healing. Their energy is fiery, like a moth drawn to a flame, irresistibly driven towards deeper understanding, yet fearful of the burning truth.

The current dynamic reveals the Divine Feminine as the beacon of emotional healing, navigating through the stormy seas of inner turmoil. This journey is not just about self-healing but also about extending this sacred energy towards the masculine. It’s a time of emotional upgrades, albeit challenging.

Meanwhile, the Divine Masculine represents forward motion – a force of desire and determination. Their approach to healing is more about movement than introspection, akin to a river flowing steadily forward, avoiding the rocks of past traumas.

Despite these contrasting approaches, the core energy of our connection is stable and well-knit. This phase, though fraught with struggle, is a significant milepost on our twin flame journey. It’s a reminder to not just focus on the road ahead but also to appreciate the distance covered.

The reading emphasizes the importance of not losing heart due to the journey’s ongoing nature. As the Divine Feminine, it’s easy to overlook the progress made while fixating on the path that lies ahead. Conversely, the Divine Masculine, driven by an instinct to keep moving, tends to sidestep deep-seated wounds.

The advice from Spirit is intriguing. For the Divine Masculine, the focus is on purity of purpose, maintaining a high vibrational connection. For the Divine Feminine, it’s about embracing the freedom to be oneself, delving into the depths of our being to unearth and heal hidden wounds.

This dynamic is a beautiful symphony of complementary energies – the Divine Feminine introspective and healing, the Divine Masculine active and forward-moving. Together, we form a powerful team, each playing a crucial role in our collective journey.

In summary, this reading paints a picture of two souls on a transformative path, each contributing uniquely to their mutual evolution. As long as we embrace and surrender to our roles in this journey, we form an unstoppable team, perfectly in sync. Our energies, warm and fuzzy yet hot and steamy, signify a powerful and harmonious union. As we continue on this path, I send out my highest vibes of unconditional love and light, confident in our shared future.

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Blessed be!

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