Meet Your Coach

Your Coach: Alex

With a focus on bettering yourself through inner work, she gives guidance on how to remove attention from external sources and bring that focus where it needs to be.

This is where the twin flame path is truly furthered.

What This Is

  • Support and advice: Speak to someone who actually understands.
  • Personalized Guidance: Alex draws upon her deep spiritual knowledge and personal experience to offer tailored insights and support for your unique journey.
  • Inner Work Focus: This is a safe space to dive deep into your inner world, exploring your emotions, beliefs, and patterns to foster growth and healing.

What This Is NOT

  • Not a live session: Rather than make you deal with constantly schedule meetings or make specific times, your platform will allow you to communicate with Alex over time. Think of it as an exchange of letters. You share your experience and the work you are doing, Alex responds within 24 hours and gives you practical things to focus on.
  • Not medical advice: While deeply caring, Alex isn't a licensed therapist or doctor. This journey focuses on the unique spiritual aspects of the twin flame path. For any medical concerns, please consult a professional.

Your Spot is Held


You missed out!

Alex can only take a limited number of people at any given time. Alex only has so many hours in the day 



One time payment

  • 30 Days of Personalized Guidance with Alex
  • Actionable Workbooks for Soulful Transformation
  • Twin Flame Specific Meditationns and Tools



One time payment

  • Everything in Standard
  • Priority Answers
  • Personal Tarot Reading at the End of the 30 Days

see what others have to say

The positive things I have found in this journey are the guided meditations you have here! Gems I tell you! They are divinely guided, I can tell. The amount of progress I have made in a few months is truly amazing!! ♥️

These techniques are perfect for creating our relationship.

I still can't believe the changes in him.

I am sure that one day I will see you and I will repay you for all this good energy that you give me.


I’m in Union with my Twin. We’ve done a lot of work, individually and together, to get to this place.

He doesn't run away anymore and we're moving in together. Your practices have given me the tools to transform and make this happen. Thank you so much. ❤️

How Does it Work?

You'll be automatically paired with your coach and added to a conversation with them. Your coach will ask you for an introduction to get to understand your journey so far and will start offering you techniques and tools to work on your path forward.

Do You Guarantee Union?

No. We don't believe anyone should.

We will never guarantee that you're going to reach union. There are too many variables, too many things we can't possibly know and we don't believe anyone should be making promises like this.

What we do guarantee, is that we'll act in your best interests for your path.

How Does Coaching Work?

Our coaching is not a group call where your question gets lost in the crowd and you have to listen to advice that doesn't fit your situation. It's also not a live 1-1 video session because we'd have to charge a lot to be fair to the coaches time.

We use a messaging system where you can leave your coach a message in your own time (by text or video) and they'll get back to you. This means you get 1-1 support throughout the month without the cost of a coach that might normally cost hundreds of dollars an hour.

Are there refunds?

We do not provide refunds.

Partly this is to be fair to the coaches but also we want you to be mindful about starting the process of furthering your path.