Sure, you’re connected, but can you feel your twin flame’s emotions? Can you tell how they’re feeling? Can they feel your emotions? Do they know how you feel?

You definitely can! In fact, it’s likely you’ve been doing that for a considerable part of your life.

Is It Possible To Feel Your Mirror Soul’s Emotions?

It might sound hard to believe, but you’ve been feeling your twin’s emotions for your entire life. And so have they. 

Your souls are connected through your energy cord or twin flame soul tie. From the very moment you begin your 3D experience, you’re constantly exchanging energy and information through that soul tie. 

Of course, for a part of your life, you’re making these exchanges without being consciously aware of them. In fact, you’re making those exchanges without being aware of the notion of twin flames or the idea of a twin flame journey. 

As you both grow and develop yourselves on a personal, emotional, and spiritual level, you start to gain more knowledge. You become aware of your sacred destiny to achieve divine union. You start to gain awareness about your connection and your twin’s energy. 

As these realizations start to set in, you’re very likely to understand some events, situations, sensations, and feelings you had in the past very differently. You start to understand that some of those things came from your twin’s experience, from their energy, from their heart and soul. 

At the beginning of your twin flame journey, you’re going to feel your mirror soul’s emotions by accident. They’ll spill over through your energy cord at random times, most likely when your twin is going through something more intense.

How Can You Feel Your Twin Flame’s Emotions Intentionally?

Many of our sessions and guided meditations in the Twin Flame Unification Blueprint is focused on doing exactly this.

It might seem tough to pull off, but you can feel your twin’s emotions on purpose

At the beginning of your spiritual journey, that might be harder to do, that’s true. It’s one of those things that require some spiritual practice. But as you grow more confident about your flame energy and flame intuition, you start to learn to interact with that energy in different ways. 

One of the most powerful steps in your twin flame journey is to interact with your twin’s energy intentionally. It’s the ability to tap into their energy and also the ability to tune out their energy when you feel the need to do that. 

twin flame emotions

Emotional Contact

When you tap into your twin’s energy, you can connect to their heart chakra. When you do that, you can pick up on the energy of their feelings. 

But before doing that, you have to be confident in your ability to connect to energies. If you go in too strongly, it can be a jarring or even terrifying experience for your twin. In fact, the best idea would be to take it step by step

This is direct contact with their heart chakra and their feelings. That means that when they have very intense feelings, and you connect to them, they can affect your inner balance and even become overwhelming to you. 

As you connect to their heart chakra, be extra aware of what sort of energy comes through. At the faintest sign of distress on your twin’s part or on your own, step back gently. You can always try again at a later time. 

Telepathic Contact

Another way to connect to your twin flame’s emotions is to make telepathic contact. This is a bit more of an indirect connection to their feelings, but it’s also a more filtered contact. You can use tools like our twin flame message channeling or getting a free twin flame reading which uses this connection.

There’s less of a risk for the experience to become emotionally challenging or overwhelming. 

When you connect to your twin via telepathy, you gain access to their understanding and awareness of their feelings. That means that if they feel things they’re still confused, unsure, or unaware about, you’re less likely to pick up on them. 

On the other hand, connecting via telepathy means you can gain access to some of their thoughts as well. It can be a better way for you to understand what’s going on with your twin. It could offer you more comfort during phases like the no contact.

Tapping into your twin’s feelings can be a great way to fortify your bond and build or consolidate a solid basis for your twin flame relationship

It can help you harmonize your energies quicker and easier. And once you do that, you can make progress toward your divine union. If you’d like some extra help with that, we’ve put together the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to help you get your connection (back) on track.

Signs You’re Feeling Your Twin Flame’s Emotions 

You might be feeling your mirror soul’s emotions without being aware of it. It might even be happening right now! 

We’ll mention a few signs that it’s happening. If they don’t apply to you, it doesn’t mean you’re not feeling their emotions. The signs could be different for you, and that’s perfectly normal. Every twin flame journey is unique

You’re Overcome By A Feeling That Doesn’t Fit With Your Mood, Thoughts, Or Circumstances 

When you have intense feelings that don’t fit the context you’re in, it’s very likely they’re your twin’s. The feeling coming over you could show up out of the blue, or it could grow at a slower pace.

Spontaneous Need to Connect

If you find yourself suddenly needing to connect with your mirror soul (even when you had no prior intention to do so), it’s likely that you’re feeling their need for you. Twin flames mirror each other and this includes feeling the need to connect with the other.

This could manifest as a desire to call, message, or even visit them without any specific reason.

You Have Recurring Emotions That You Don’t Necessarily Identify With At The Time 

You might have a confusing emotion every now and then. But if you experience a recurring emotion that you don’t really identify with at the time, it’s very likely the point of origin is your mirror soul.

You Experience Emotions That Conflict With Your Current Mood Or State Of Mind 

When the feelings conflict with your mood or state of mind and come from your twin, they’ll have a slightly different frequency than your own inner process. That’s because you and your twin haven’t yet harmonized completely. 

You Have An Intense Emotional Reaction To Something You’re Experiencing For The First Time

If it’s your first time facing that experience, but you have an intense emotional reaction to it, it’s very likely your twin has had that experience before. You’re channeling their feelings

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