The twin flame connection is based on a high vibe of unconditional love. But if not lovers yet, can twin flames be friends? 

Platonic twin flames can surely be a step along the way toward you achieving divine union. Sure, the friendship blueprint is not the end goal. But it can be a very powerful step forward on your journey.

Twin flames, by their definition, are divine counterparts with an inherent magnetism due to their shared soul essence. This magnetism spans all forms of attraction, including spiritual, mental, emotional, and romantic.

While some argue that twin flames can be platonic, Most believe that the intense attraction on all levels makes it naturally inclined towards a romantic connection. However, due to various life circumstances, twin flames might label themselves as friends, but this label often feels superficial given the depth of their connection.

If this is the state of your connection, there are usually energetic imbalances you need to work through either together or individually before you can change the physical aspects of the relationship in the 3D (which is where our Bright Twin Flame Unification Blueprint comes in).

platonic twin flames

Why Getting Twin Flame Friendzoned Is A Phase That Will End

The most natural and efficient relationship blueprint for twin flames is the romantic blueprint. That stands for many different reasons. 

The twin flame connection is based on your twin flame soul tie. The energy cord connecting your souls is indestructible and everlasting. When you reach your divine union frequency, it transforms into part of your merged souls.  

The romantic blueprint is not about having rose-tinted romantic fantasies or dreams about a happily ever after. It’s about the types of tensions it builds and what sort of resolutions they can lead to as a result. 

In some cases, though, one or both twins aren’t ready to activate the romantic blueprint. That’s when they tend to resolve the blockages holding back by going through a platonic twin flames phase

When twin flames are friends, it’s a phase along the way. In a sense, the romantic connection is also a phase along the way toward divine union. The goal is not to be romantically involved but to achieve your divine union.  

But the romantic blueprint is much more effective at bringing you closer to your divine union and then merging phase.

1. Romantic Blueprints Are The Most Triggering, Therefore The Most Efficient At Pushing You To Grow

One of the more uncomfortable truths of the twin flame journey is that it’s based on getting triggered. That brings up the issues you need to resolve so your bond can make progress. 

The twin flame friendship is a solid emotional bond, but it’s also more static than the romantic one. It’s much less likely to push you and your mirror soul into full-on triggered mode enough to make quantum leaps toward your divine union. 

That’s why, sooner or later, the Universe will push you into a romantic blueprint. It’s only a matter of divine timing. 

2. Two Souls Becoming One Starts With Two Bodies Becoming One In The 3D 

Your destiny is to become one soul, to merge. It’s your spiritual life purpose. In the 3D, that does translate into intense twin flame sexual energy

Even if you’re friends, that hot twin flame attraction is building. It will lead to you becoming a couple. 

3. Romantic Connections Are More Likely To Go Through Separation, Which Is A Powerful Motivation For Spiritual Development 

Friendships tend to be steady connections. They’re usually more static than romantic ones, so they’re less likely to boost your separation phase’s power to raise your frequencies. 

In the interest of you fulfilling your destinies, the Divine and the Universe will guide you toward a romantic connection

4. Platonic Flames Support Each Other To Resolve Other Soul Contracts, Which Amplifies Their Flame Bond 

Even if you’re just friends, your energies interact a lot. You can support and guide each other like the team of superheroes you are

It will help you resolve other soul contracts and heal wounds, shadows, and inner child issues. That will raise your frequency and bring you closer to getting into a twin flame relationship.

Building A Stronger Bond As Platonic Twin Flames

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The platonic phase is a form of the separation phase. It’s a phase when you are in separation as twin flames since you haven’t achieved divine union frequency. The prospect of being friends during separation can be… tricky.

To some twin flames, it might feel even tougher than a no-contact type of situation. It’s very likely that one or both twins are aware of their deep love bond, even when they’re just friends. 

In fact, it’s not uncommon for both you and your twin flame to be aware of the authentic nature of your bond, even if you’re just friends. 

In some cases, it’s the platonic phase that ends up leading to a no-contact phase, in fact. When the pressure of making progress becomes too tormenting to bear, the so-called chaser twin flame is likely to exit the dynamic. 

You’re very likely getting stuck in the twin flame friendzone because one or both of you are having issues with resolving other soul contracts that are preventing your progress. These soul contracts can be the basis of karmic or soulmate connections

You can make the most of your twin flame connection in a platonic phase to support each other with resolving the blockages holding you back. The unconditional love, support, and guidance is still present in your bond, even if you’re just friends at this point. 

By working together as a team of friends, you build a solid basis for working together as a twin flame couple in the future. You’re consolidating mutual trust and teamwork dynamics. And you can use this time to focus more on the spiritual work that still needs to be done. 

That way, when you graduate this frequency and move into the twin flame relationship phase, you’ll already have resolved some wounds and karmic debts

You’ll be better prepared to work on your bond. And if you’d like some extra help with that, we’ve put together the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to help you get your connection (back) on track.

Don’t let the twin flame friendzone slow down your spiritual progress. You’re on the right track toward achieving divine union! Think of it this way: you found each other, you’re consolidating your connection, and you’re growing side by side. 

That’s a lot of progress made for your twin flame bond. You’re going to reap the rewards a bit later, true. But you will be reaping those rewards! 

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