Separation between twin flames can be a time of healing and self-discovery. Can friendship play a role in this process? Does it make it easier or harder to navigate being physically apart? Can friendship be a grounding force during this time?

Maintaining as much connection as possible can be incredibly tempting when dealing with the pain of separation. But it also makes it harder to focus on yourself and ‘do the work required to reach union.

Should You Stay Friends?

Whether or not you should stay friends is going to be highly personal to the both of you. Your intuition will already know if you’re going to be able to stay friends and still move yourself (and them) forward.

If you’re not sure what your gut says, you could use our free twin flame reading tool for a little insight.

Ultimately, this is something you’re going to have to figure out. And you might find that the answer changes, maybe you’re not ready yet but you will be soon. Or maybe you’re already friends, but giving eachother a little more space would speed things up.

On the complete other side of the spectrum, we’ve look at whether or not you should ignore your twin flame runner. The same advice applies – it really depends on the two of you and the external factors around this moment of your path.

The Dynamics During Separation

As with most parts of the path, a lot of this is really going to depend on you and your mirror soul. I have no doubt that some people are able to maintain some kind of friendship and still be able to further their path.

But I don’t think they are the majority. Most people need space to themselves in this stage.

Friendship, in its purest form, can be a source of solace and understanding. It offers a safe space where emotions can be expressed without judgment and where support is unconditional.

For twin flames, this bond can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it provides that comforting presence, a reminder of the deep connection shared. On the other, it can sometimes act as a crutch, preventing one from truly confronting and addressing the issues at hand.

The Challenge of Boundaries

If you’re going to try it, setting boundaries is crucial during this period of separation.

It might be tempting to just slip back into old ways or focusing too much on them while not making the neccesary time and space for yourself.

While friendship can be a grounding force, it’s essential to recognize when it’s time to step back and allow for personal growth. This doesn’t mean cutting ties completely, but rather understanding when to give each other the space needed to heal and evolve.

It’s a delicate balance, and one that requires constant introspection and communication.

Moving Beyond Friendship

Ultimately, your goal is to move beyond this friendship and reach union.

But, before this can happen, both of you need to be in a place of self-awareness and understanding. This often means confronting personal demons, healing old wounds, and growing as individuals.

While friendship can offer support during this journey, you have to remember that the path to reunion is a personal one. Each twin flame must walk it at their own pace, guided by their own intuition and experiences.

Your higher selves are always guiding you both forward. While their physical presence can be a comforting one, you really need to approach this idea with mindfulness and intention. Don’t allow wishful thinking to cloud your judgement, but also be open to the idea that it might work. By setting boundaries and prioritizing personal growth, twin flames can navigate this challenging period with grace and hope for the future.

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