I’ve been so confused about a connection I used to share with someone. I thought we were karmics and the relationship was toxic but looking back… I think they were trying to help. Could my karmic become a soulmate?

Does a karmic relationship, forged in the crucible of life’s most challenging lessons, have the potential to evolve into the tranquility of a soulmate connection?

The short answer is… no. But terminology on the twin flame path can become complicated and often misunderstood. So it is possible this person was a soulmate.

Understand the Terms

We’ve talked about the difference between twin flames, soulmates and karmics and understanding what all this terminology means can really help your path.

Let’s first shed light on the profound concept of a soulmate. Often, people view a soulmate as their perfect match, the romantic partner with whom they share an extraordinary bond. However, this is just one interpretation of what a soulmate truly is.

Forget the Hollywood use of the term.

Soulmates are essentially those souls that resonate deeply with ours on a level that transcends the ordinary. These could be our parents, siblings, children, teachers and friends.

Anyone who plays a significant role in our life journey. These individuals come into our lives wearing different hats and fostering various relationships across multiple lifetimes, originating from our soul family.

The bond that we share with these soulmates is unique and enduring. As we travel through various lives together, we create and balance karmic energies with each other. So, all these relationships with our soulmates, including the romantic ones, possess a karmic undertone.

Interestingly, there might be some individuals with whom we share a relationship but do not originate from our soul family. These relationships are fueled by unresolved karmic exchanges from past lives, making them purely karmic connections rather than soulmate connections.

Here’s the crux: the essence of soulmates is eternal. Soulmate connections are timeless and persistent and don’t just ‘happen’ or ‘develop’. These individuals either hail from your soul family, creating that undeniable soulmate connection, or they do not.

There are no mix-and-match scenarios here. The beauty of this understanding lies in the inherent simplicity and divinity of these connections.

Are They a Soulmate or Karmic?

If they were a karmic connection, they could not become a soulmate. But perhaps they were always a soulmate who was pushing you to improve, and you ascribed a toxic term to the connection at the time.

It’s hard to say exactly what happened, but let your intuition guide you here. Carefully. Don’t allow rose-tinted glasses to trap you in a karmic loop again. If in doubt, twin flame readings might help uncover the true nature of the connection.

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