Sometimes, you’re at different phases of your journeys, but are twin flames opposites? Your twin flame is your mirror soul. You can’t be the opposite of yourself. 

But your twin flame bond is meant to bring to light the aspects within yourselves that are conflicting with each other. 

Why Does It Seem Like You And Your Twin Flame Are Opposites? 

You and your twin flame are never truly opposites. You’re part of the same soul, so your core energy is the same

But it is true that at various points along your personal journeys, you can see some differences between you and your mirror soul. Even if you’re made of the same stuff, you have different lives for a part of your twin flame journey. After all, twin flames have similar life experiences.

On the one hand, you might go through different life events. But on the other hand, you’re very likely going to run into very similar or even the same issues, wounds, shadows, traumas. The particulars of your experiences may be different, but the frequencies you’re dealing with are going to be very similar. 

What can be different is the timelines you’re each working with until you’ve harmonized with your divine union. You might find yourself starting to work on a frequency that your divine counterpart has already graduated or vice versa. 

But even then, you won’t be opposites in relation to those frequencies. You’ll be on the same page but on different rows

What Do These Differences Between Twin Flames Mean?

You might find the differences between you and your twin flame quite distressing. It could get you worried about your connection or even drive you to question if this truly is your twin flame. 

When you and your twin flame aren’t that far along in your twin flame connection, and you’re not yet in a twin flame relationship, sometimes you might feel like you’re worlds apart. Even more so if you’re in the chaser role and your twin seems determined to break your heart by running like their shoes are on fire. 

Don’t let the details of a particular moment blind you to the grander scheme of things. You and your twin flame can seem to be different at various points along the way. But that’s not because you’re opposites! Not at all. 

You’re simply at different points along your own flame ascension journeys. You are not different as much as you are at different milestones of your twin flame journey. 

However many differences you might think you and your mirror soul have, you’ll keep gravitating back toward each other. That’s how strong your twin flame bond is: unbreakable

That’s why twin flames always come back. You never really leave your twin flame on a spiritual and energetic level. 

Being at different milestones of your personal journeys is unpleasant, sure. But it’s not an issue that you can’t overcome. While you’re still in separation, the differences between you and your twin flame could be all you can focus on or think about. 

Don’t allow these issues to become your focus! You’re registering them because you’re both still working on harmonizing with your divine union frequency. They are a sign that your connection is still a work in progress. And that’s a good thing! You’re working on achieving divine union

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How Can You Overcome These Tensions?

The best way to overcome any lingering tensions in your twin flame connection involves two directions: spiritual growth and manifesting divine union

Work On Your Spiritual Growth And Development

The best way forward in your twin flame bond is to look inward. It seems counterintuitive, that’s true. 

But harmonizing with your twin flame means achieving inner balance and harmonizing with your authentic self. These things go hand in hand. You can’t achieve one without the other. 

Practice steady and unconditional self-love. It will consolidate the bond of unconditional love with your twin flame. Work on healing any wounds, shadows, inner child issues, traumas, and karmic debts you’re aware of. Then look deeply within to discover the ones that haven’t come to the surface yet. 

The more in tune you are with your authentic spiritual self, the more in tune you become with your twin flame. Keep growing spiritually, and your bond will grow along with you. 

Manifest Your Divine Union 

Keep in mind that the Universe and your higher power give you more of what you focus on. That’s what you manifest because your focus is where your energy goes

So if you want to manifest your divine union, don’t focus on what’s holding back your progress! Focus on everything that you and your twin flame have in common. Focus on the unconditional love that connects your souls

Focus on the bliss that you experience when you interact with your twin flame, be it in the spiritual realm, dream realm, astral travel, or in the 3D. If you are or were in a twin flame relationship, focus on everything you loved about your bond and what high vibe feelings it gave you.

And if you’re still in a twin flame relationship that’s not going so well, try the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to get things (back) on track. It’s all about having a constructive attitude.

The hurdles, challenges, healing, releasing, and surrendering you need to go through are designed to get you to your divine union, not prevent it. When you’re going through these trials, it might not feel that way. 

Keep working on healing and growing spiritually. You don’t have to push things to harmonize with your twin flame. What you have to do is surrender to your sacred destiny and work on raising your frequency. Everything will fall into place naturally. 

You’ve gotten this far, so you’re doing great! Keep up the good work.

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