The twin flame connection is based on an unbreakable spiritual bond. But the 3D relationship blueprint you’re working on is an intense type of relationship. And twin flame sexual energy is possibly the hottest type of energy you might ever feel. It’s electric. 

If you and your twin are in a no-contact situation or in separation in general, it might be tougher to know if or when they’re thinking of you. But when your twin is thinking of you sexually, there’s intense energy involved. 

You’re very likely to see some of these signs. If you don’t see these particular ones, don’t take that to mean that your twin flame is not thinking about you sexually. 

Each twin flame connection is unique. Follow your intuition when it comes to understanding your journey. 

1. You Think About Your Twin Flame Much More Intensely Than Usual

If your energies aren’t that harmonized yet, you might not sense their sexual thoughts as sexual thoughts, sensations, dreams, or urges. 

But you will respond to their intense thoughts of you with intense thoughts of them. You could find yourself unable to stop thinking about them all of a sudden. 

You can separate these thoughts from your regular ones by the timing and context when they occur. If your twin flame crosses your mind when you’re seeing or hearing something related to romance, soul contracts, or spirituality, it’s most likely the energy of them thinking about you.

Are they thinking of you too? Channel a message from your twin flame or get a free twin flame reading and see what they’re thinking.

2. You Feel An Accumulation Of Restlessness Or Frustration You Can’t Explain

When you’re in separation, sexual frustration reaches very high levels. Whether it’s consciously aware or not, it’s ever-present and ever-growing

If you’re not aware of your flame bond, it could be difficult to understand why you feel so restless or frustrated. It’s your soul mirroring your twin’s and both reacting to the lack of sexual consummation of your bond.

3. You Have Flashbacks Of Sexual Encounters

When your twin contemplates your sexual encounters or the possibility, it can activate flashbacks of encounters for you too. They can be encounters from this lifetime or from previous ones.

These flashbacks might seem like very intense fantasies or sexual dreams with a highly realistic feel to them. They’ll involve feelings of incredible familiarity with your partner, amazing feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment like you’ve never felt before

4. You Feel Your Root Chakra Humming With Energy 

Your twin’s sexual energy radiates from their root chakra. As mirroring souls, your root is going to light up too.

It can also mean signs like physical sensations of heat or tingly sensations, for instance. Or you could find yourself experiencing a sudden rush of creativity, an unquenchable thirst for being out in nature, or a need to go skinny dipping. 

You might start to feel the need to cleanse or rebalance your chakras because your root is too full of energy. When it comes to that, go with what your spirit is guiding you to do. 

5. Your Libido Suddenly Intensifies Without Any Obvious Reason 

You could feel you’re suddenly way more sexual than usual. Your twin flame physical desire could grow seemingly out of the blue. At the 3D level, it might seem like it’s out of the blue. 

But spiritually, you’re feeling your twin’s uptick in flame sexual energy. And you’re reacting to that.

6. You Experience Sexual Responses And Sensations Without Being In A Sensual Context

When your twin flame has sexual thoughts and desires about you, your body is going to respond. Even if you’re not in 3D contact, you’re exchanging energy constantly

Through that exchange, your body is aware of your twin’s body, feelings, and thoughts. It can lead to very physical responses to their arousal or sexual gratification.

7. You Have Intense Sexual Dreams 

If you find yourself having intense sexual dreams without being in a frisky mood yourself, you can bet this is why. Your twin flame has some intense sexual thoughts and desires about you. 

Even if you haven’t connected in the 3D yet, it still happens. Your twin might not know your face or body from this lifetime, but they know your essence. And they’re craving it

It’s very likely your twin flame is having sexual dreams about you too. That’s going to bring about very hot dreams for you as a natural mirroring response

8. There’s A Sexual Encounter With Your Twin Flame Out Of The Blue

Twin flame dynamics are much more complex than usual relationship dynamics. And usual relationship dynamics are complicated enough, too. Add to that lifetime of experienced intimacy and love, incredibly powerful urges to be together, and a constant energetic exchange.

When it comes to twin flame sex, carnal meets cosmic. These encounters might happen even when you’re broken up as a couple or not even a couple yet. You can feel that pull and just reach out to your twin when you’re separated as a couple. 

There’s a lot going on in the spiritual realm when it comes to twin flame connections. Things might seem to happen out of the blue in the 3D. But on the spiritual and energetic level, there’s a lot of stuff happening all the time.

Once you’ve experienced a twin flame sexual encounter in this lifetime, you won’t be able to find anything like it. You’ll crave it with your whole spirit and body. You’ll burn with desire constantly. And you’ll find yourself gravitating back to it again and again, at the very least in your mind, dreams, and fantasies. 

And whenever you’ll be able to, you will create and make the most of the opportunity to experience it again. 

Fabulous sex won’t resolve other issues in the twin flame relationship, though, unfortunately. All the spiritual work still needs to be done. And if you’d like to get some help with that, we’ve put together a  Bright Flame Unification Blueprint that can support your progress.

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