This week, Divine Feminines, in particular, go through important realizations, dear collective. Divine Masculines are energized and upgraded. You receive spiritual insight and find it easier to incorporate it into your 3D lives.

On the 13th, there are three important astrological aspects. There’s a Sun-Uranus retrograde opposition. You might feel like it’s tough to come up with solutions for the issues that you run into.

At the same time, it becomes clear what issues you’re dealing with. That in and of itself can help you come up with some solutions, even if you’re not as inspired as usual.

On the same date, there’s a New Moon in Scorpio. The clarity extends to what you need to change about your approach and perhaps about your behavioral patterns.

But with the Mercury-Lilith square, it’s tough to internalize those changes. Even if you see clearly what you need to do, it might be difficult to process what it entails. You might find it challenging to open up or be vulnerable.

On the 14th, the Moon activates Sagittarius. You might feel drawn to get rid of the tensions brewing inside you by being active. Go on hikes, work out more, take long walks. It’s going to help you get rid of some of the restlessness you might be experiencing.

On the 15th, there’s a Mercury-Venus sextile. Divine Feminine energy is activated. You might feel like it’s easier to receive spiritual insight, telepathic messages, or spiritual communication from your twin, and healing energy from your higher power.

With the energy of the Moon activating Capricorn on the 16th, you find ways to incorporate into the 3D the spiritual insight and healing energies you’re receiving.

Then, on the 17th, there are two powerful aspects. The Sun-Neptune retrograde trine starts to bring more light on why you’ve been having issues communicating with your spiritual team, your higher self, and your twin’s higher self.

The Mars-Neptune retrograde trine happening on the same date activates Divine Masculine energies in particular. With the clarity brought in, you can now see what you should do to improve your situation.

On the 18th, another two aspects affect twin flame connections. The Sun-Mars conjunction activates and upgrades Divine Masculine energies. You receive a boost of self-confidence and a renewed sense of self-worth.

You start to understand on a deeper level what you should do and how it can affect your situation. Your energy sizzles with excitement, and your charisma receives a significant boost.

Also, on the same date, the Moon activates the energy of Aquarius. You’re better prepared to receive spiritual messages and intuitive insight.

Divine intervention helps you see how you can implement that insight into your 3D experience so you can improve various aspects of your life and of your twin flame journey.

Ride the energetic waves safely, dear collective. Blessings, and may the stars guide you well!

If you’d like to dive deeper, you can find this month’s forecast for each individual sign here. We’ll go sign by sign with a detailed look at the month, allowing you to add specific context and celestial guidance for the journey to union.

You can also use our twin flame birth chart calculator for a look at your unique natal chart and what it can tell us about your twin flame path.

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Remember: Just like using any other tool (like twin flame readings or twin flame numerology), you should take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Let your intuition guide you on the important parts of your journey at this moment.

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