Twin flame couples can grow a lot this week, dear collective.

Unhealed shadows and inner child wounds can come to light, bringing you the opportunity to focus on them in your healing journey.

On the 13th, there’s a Sun-Uranus conjunction and a Venus-Saturn sextile. Divine Masculines, in particular, can start off the week feeling energetic, playful, creative, and even daring.

In some cases, that might mean stepping into risky territory, potentially activating karmic behaviors even. It can turn out to be a triggering type of behavior for Divine Feminines.

If you’re feeling this… playful energy in your own connection, you might want to use a remote twin flame sex session to play with them.

On the 15th, there’s a Sun-Lilith trine and Mercury enters Taurus. If there are unhealed bond wounds like misunderstandings or a lack of trust, they are likely to come to light around this time.

It becomes clearer what still hurts you and your twin, even though you’ve been working on healing and overcoming particular energies and lower frequencies. Communication might not flow as easily as you’d like, but it could be useful by turning blunt too.

You might find yourself and your twin saying things more clearly, even if more simply. It can be triggering, but it also brings in more clarity when it comes to the limitations, barriers, and obstacles you’re dealing with.

Don’t get discouraged or beat yourself up or your mirror soul. The healing journey is a difficult and complex process that takes lifetimes.

On the 17th, there’s a Mercury-Pluto retrograde square. You can talk more openly about the karmic connections and behaviors that have affected both of your life experiences. It can be uncomfortable, but it brings you closer together.

The 18th comes with the energy of no less than three aspects: a Sun-Jupiter conjunction, a Venus-Uranus conjunction, and a Mars-North Node retrograde conjunction.

In some twin flame couples, it might seem like things are getting worse before they get better. Lower-vibe feelings and conflicts can be amplified by the week’s events. It’s likely to weigh heavily at first, but this is a great chance to heal and grow together.

Divine Feminines can feel inspired to take particular steps to support the healing process in your connection. Some of these steps might turn out to be triggering for Divine Masculines, at least initially.

But bringing up the sore spots makes it easier to find the way toward smoothing things over. It’s a matter of being brave enough to make yourself vulnerable by opening up and sharing what’s truly going on deep within your heart and soul.

On the 19th, there’s a Sun-Neptune sextile. All of the drama you might have experienced this week can help you access a higher frequency of wisdom and understanding.

It becomes easier to understand why some things had to happen the way they did and how it’s useful for your growth and development. You might find yourself daydreaming about the progress and future of your twin flame bond, in fact.

Ride the energetic waves safely, dear collective. Blessings, and may the stars guide you well!

If you’d like to go deeper, use our twin flame birth chart calculator for a look at your unique natal chart and what it can tell us about your twin flame path.

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Remember: Just like using any other tool (like twin flame readings or twin flame numerology), you should take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Let your intuition guide you on the important parts of your journey at this moment.

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