This is a week of powerful Divine Feminine healing and upgrading, dear collective. Twin flame souls find it easier to tap into their Feminine energies and search their souls for answers.

This week offers a flow of divine energies, offering twin flames unique opportunities for growth and reunion.

On the 11th, Venus activates the energy of Pisces. It’s a time of Divine Feminine energies becoming awakened in twin flame souls. Your receptive, intuitive, nurturing, and psychic side are going to receive energy upgrades.

In some twin flame couples, working together in areas like energy healing, sharing information and guidance, learning, or research of any kind can lead to powerful breakthroughs in your area of interest.

Also on the 11th, the Moon activates the energy of Aries. Divine Masculine energies are likely to receive intuitive and psychic insight. You may find it triggering, confusing, or overwhelming if you’re not used to working with your spiritual assets.

Some twin flames might feel confused about the direction to follow. You may be conflicted about what you want to do next and how you want to approach the next steps on your twin flame journey.

On the 13th, the Moon activates Taurus. Divine Feminine energies can receive powerful spiritual insights. You might start to feel the pull of your individual life purpose, if you haven’t felt that already. Your calling is very likely to call out at you.

On the 15th, the Moon activates the energy of Gemini. Some aspects of twin flame couples that were previously hidden might now come to light. The process could be unpleasant for one or both twins.

Take this chance to build together on a solider basis. Share everything that’s to share and allow your bond to lead you with its strength and brilliance.

On the 17th, the Moon activates Cancer and there’s a Sun-Neptune conjunction.

If you and your divine counterpart haven’t made 3D contact yet, spiritual or otherwise, chances are you can finally make contact with the help of this energy. If you’ve been avoiding each other, you might find that all roads lead to chance encounters.

Karmic ties or partners could try to make a comeback into your life. Soulmate bonds can help you overcome challenges and obstacles, as long as there’s honesty and clarity between you.

You might find you’re having way more dreams than usual. Some of these dreams could be romantic spiritual encounters with your divine counterpart. Others may turn hot and very hot, being led by the sizzling twin flame sexual energy.

Some of these dreams can also be flashbacks from previous lifetimes. They can help you finally resolve and release some issues you’ve been dealing with in the past.

In some twin flame couples, events from the past can start to gain new meanings and nuances this week. You may experience an epiphany about the reasons or the deeper layers of events that occurred in your connection.

Ride the energetic waves safely, dear collective. Blessings and may the stars guide you well!

If you’d like to go deeper, use our twin flame birth chart calculator for a look at your unique natal chart and what it can tell us about your twin flame path.

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Remember: Just like using any other tool (like twin flame readings or twin flame numerology), you should take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Let your intuition guide you on the important parts of your journey at this moment.

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