Communication is still a hot topic for twin flames this week, dear collective. If you’ve been working on improving the flow of information and energy exchange in your twin flame connection, you’re very likely to register a breakthrough.

On the 3rd, Mercury enters Gemini, the zodiac sign that symbolizes the twin flame journey. You’re very likely to experience an intensification of all forms of communication in your twin flame connection: 3D communication, telepathy, dream encounters and exchanges, and astral travel interactions.

Another interesting aspect going on on the 3rd is the Mercury-Neptune sextile. It intensifies spiritual awareness, communication, and psychic insight. You’re likely to receive a lot of downloads and energy upgrades.

The Venus-North Node retrograde sextile, also happening on the 3rd, can mark a time of overwhelming feelings and potential doubts. Divine Feminine energies, in particular, could experience moments of doubt, uncertainty, and confusion.

As the 4th comes around, it brings in the energy of another three powerful aspects…

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